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Underwater, Underground
I had a dream last night about flying. It was in a city I go to a lot… 
31st-May-2010 08:06 am
Count D
I had a dream last night about flying. It was in a city I go to a lot in my dreams. It looks a bit like Paris, but it's pretty empty. Flying was a bit difficult. I had to run and jump, sometimes from a height. In part of my dream, I went to Ty's house (though it looked more like my aunt's place in India than her house). Cecil was lounging on a mattress on the floor, naked. I had interrupted, but nobody cared. Cecil was smoking what appeared to be incense. The television was on. In another part of the dream, I was in the rural area I go to a lot in my dreams. I associate it with South Portland, but it tends to combine with Gorham. Caitlin was there in some parts, but it's all fading.

Yesterday, I went to Caitlin's place and we gardened with her mom. We've been planning a vegetable garden for a long time, and it's all planted now. It looks lovely. Then, we went shopping. Her mom bought me underwear so she could get the 5 for $25 deal. Then I went with them to buy a vacuum cleaner. I can barely type this with a straight face. Then I ate dinner with them all and we watched the Chuck finale. What an absurd show.

I went home feeling elated and fuzzy and mushy. I had been there for eleven hours, heh.

Everyone should read Y The Last Man.

Wish I could sleep in more easily.

At school, we're doing marching practice. It is torture.
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