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Underwater, Underground
I had a terrible nightmare. Friends and I were kidnapped by a… 
17th-May-2010 08:50 am
I had a terrible nightmare. Friends and I were kidnapped by a murderer. At times, it was just one other person and me trapped in his house; sometimes that person was Caitlin. It could have been Caitlin all the time, but I am only really sure for some parts. I believe we were all in his house because of some sort of exchange program, or were sleeping over for prom, or some such thing. Either way, my parents weren't expecting me home until the next day and I couldn't get to a phone. The house was in the same suburban area all my suburban house dreams are. At one point during the night, a little girl peered in through the sliding glass door that looked into the kitchen. Some other person, the kidnapper, and I were there. He killed the girl with an axe. We didn't watch. Then, he had us go to the room where everyone else was sleeping. I somehow got ahold on my phone. Then I sort of woke up for a while, but I really wanted to finish the dream, and it was 5:30 anyway, and my internship doesn't start until 11. So I went back to sleep. Back in the dream, I hid my phone. Somehow we got to another area, with two different kidnappers. Same neighboorhood, I think. I couldn't get alone to use my phone. At some point we all started destroying things, like the basketball hoop. They tried to get us to stop. I'm not too clear on that whole part. So I found a neighbor and begged him to call 911. He did, and told me that help was on the way, but it became clear to me that he was lying, and in league with the kidnappers. I somehow called 911 myself, and Caitlin and I both ran and hid. I whispered into the phone that we were on Acadia Street, and the woman said that help was coming. I thought, we only have to hide for a few minutes, and then the police will be here. The kidnappers were very close behind us as we were running, but we caught a glimpse of a list of all of the kids who had been kidnapped laying in the grass. The kidnappers ran past us, and I tried to get Caitlin to come with me and run away, but she said, "We have to go get the list." The list was for some reason the only way we could save the rest of the kids. So we raced back. The kidnappers saw us and followed. We were far enough ahead that we could be out of sight long enough for me to stuff the list in my pants and continue running towards another sheet of paper that was blowing in the wind, making the kidnappers think that was the real list. We got it, and the kidnappers caught up, and it was only a paper towel. I'm a little fuzzy on this part, too, but we were looking through other papers to try to find it, and I was thinking about school. I remember thinking these were pretty inept kidnappers. I think they were so bad because I was sleeping lightly, so I could control the dream a little. But anyway, Caitlin and I ran again, to a house, and banged on the door. One of the house owners came home. He was tall, with curly dark hair. He had a strange voice and a very nice car. We begged him to let us in, please, these horrible men were right behind us. He let us in. I trusted him. The kidnappers were prowling the house right outside. Through this whole time it was sort of a cloudy twilight. I didn't know why the cops weren't there yet. Inside, I used my phone to call 911 again and again, but it kept failing. I couldn't get through. When I finally did, I could barely here the woman on the phone through the static, and she said that all of the cops were busy that night. On a Monday? wondered the man who had helped us. His wife and two sons were home. One of his sons was very scared. The kidnappers had been on the news, and he didn't want to get kidnapped. I think at some point I hugged Caitlin. I called my parents, finally, and begged them to come get me on Acadia Street. I think I woke up then.
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